Let's go to Your meeting Lord ....! !

Always be seeking the presence of the Father, So that he can manifest here on this earth Through your life.

The Missão Apoio Church is a Big Family with wide arms open waiting for you.


Missão Apoio Kariya is a young church that has a revolutionary message: The message of love, deliverance and a life of victory through Jesus.

What rules all of our attitudes is the love for people and our love for God.

We are a big family, which has its difficulties and failures, but it has something that surpasses all things, and this is the strong bond of love, relationship and friendship that unites us.

Currently, we have people of various nationalities who are motivated by the strong relationship that exists between us and by the love and power of God felt in each of our meetings.

Under the leadership of Ps. Laelso da Silva Santos and his wife Ps. Rosana Miyazato Santos, this church has the dream of sharing the Word of Salvation, Eternal Life and Hope to all those who are suffering, discouraged, unaware that there is no need to live like this, because in Jesus there is the answer to all difficulties and life problems.

Welcome! Come and meet us!

Who we are


Pr. Laelso da Silva Santos has been in Japan for 25 years. Married to Pastor Rosana Miyazato Santos, has three grown children and a son-in-law, who together, as a family and as a team of leaders, seek to do the best for God, for Japan and for every person living in this nation.

In addition to Senior Pastor of Kariya Church, he is also the Senior Pastor of Missão Apoio in Japan and the International Vice Senior Pastor.

Not only with the Brazilian community, but also with Ministries and Associations of Japanese Pastors.

Thinking about the welfare of the community in a broad way and seeking to take the love of Jesus Christ, the only one who can free all, together with Pastor Rosana and volunteers team, we work to assist the community through NPO AMA.



All the service, groups , works that are active and that we run in our Church.

Kids Ministry

Our kids ministry is something that we take very serious. In our kids ministry we have people that are highly qualified and trained! We always try to make sure that the children are always safe and that they are being build up with the word of God.

Teens Ministry

Our dynamic youth program for teenagers has raised a new generation of leaders and young people in love with Christ! Through teens small groups, with youth camps and conferences, we have reached, and transformed and preparing this new generation.

Youth Ministry

The young adults group, meet every first Saturday of the month. Its a place where you can meet people, make new friends, and specially enjoy one of the best phases of life.

Mens Ministry

The mens ministry aims to lead the men of our church to be better Fathers, Husbands, and to be true pillars in our society. Preparing the Men of our generation for the great challenge of manhood that is missing more and more in our society!

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry has a very special space reserved in our church in its captivating and joyful meetings. Women are encouraged and prepared to overcome the great challenges of modern women!


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Laelso Santos

Laelso Santos

Senior Pastor

Events Timeline 2

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  • March for Jesus

    April 8th


    April 29th

  • Mrried Couples Service

    day 17

Events Timeline

Weekly activities

Schedules of weekly activities to get closer to God

Sunday Service

Sunday at 10:00 ( Bilingual - JP/PT)
Sunday at 10:30 ( Portuguese in Handa)
Sunday at 14:00 ( Tagalog)
Sunday at 18:30 ( Portuguese)

Youth Service at 20:30

Every first Saturday

Teens Service at 14:00

Every third Saturday

Women Service at 20:30

Men Service at 20:30

Connect groups in the houses

Every Tuesday at 21:00

Weekly Activities


Tel: 080-3398-1040



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